The Tail Of The Dragon

The legendary Tail Of The Dragon. The ultimate test of man and machine. When you look at your shine run card, you will realize this stop is worth three cards, three hard earned cards. 318 curves, 12 miles. The Dragon is a monster. Once you get to the Tail Of The Dragon store, your adrenaline will be at an all time high! Whatever you do, make time to run The Dragon! But please! Be careful! It can reach out and bite you!

For everything dragon, visit our friends at http://tailofthedragon.com/

Here is a video of #PITS Staff member Travis Smith following a Foxbody across The Dragon last year.

Here is The Dragon, featured on “Hell Roads” a few years ago.

And one more. At the 2:02 mark, a clear reminder of the fact you should be careful! Watch the speed limits!

What? You haven’t registered for the Shine Run yet? Aren’t planning on coming into town early to do it?? It’s not too late to change your plans! Call in sick! You are not going to want to miss this! Not only does it take you to some of the coolest stops in the area, the winning hands gets a sweet trophy, not to mention his or her chance at the top giveaway prizes! We will also be awarding a couple dozen or so of the top hands with prizes as well! So get over to REGISTRATION and sign up today!

For all the info on the Shine Run, CLICK HERE!


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