Just a couple of quick things you need to know before you register.

There are two different time groups, please register accordingly, this will be your designated time to enter the show field. Once you pick a time, you cannot transfer it or change it.

The groups are as follows, please choose accordingly.

Car Show Blue Group-7am Entry
Car Show Red Group- 8:30am Entry

Display Only Yellow Group-7am Entry(will use front entrance @ redlight)
Display Only Orange Group- 8:30am Entry(uses traditional back entrance)

We cannot stress enough, please do not show up early, either before your 7am time or before your 8:30am time. Any 8:30 car that shows up early will be turned away until it is their time to enter.
We are working hard with the Sevierville Police Department to make the entrances flow quick and easy without hindering the regular morning traffic flow. We have a solid plan in place that should have everyone loaded in for the day by 9:30 or so. We just need everyone to do their part by not pre-staging and coming at their correct time.

Also, even if you are planning on attending Saturday only, you will still need to register. We have expanded our parking this year and will be selling every single parking spot we can, so there will likely not be any room on Saturday for the traditional drive up entries like we had done in the past.


Outside Judged Car Show Blue Group 7AM ENTRY

Outside Judged Car Show Red Group 8:30AM Entry

Outside DISPLAY ONLY Yellow Group 7AM Entry

Outside DISPLAY ONLY Orange Group 8:30AM Entry

#PITS Driving Experience Registration(Autocross & Driving School)

Registration Is Open Now!!

Register Here!

Drag Day

Drag racing entry will be collected at the gate.

Trailer Parking