#PITS Driving Experience Registration Is Open!

The 7th Annual Ponies In The Smokies, presented by National Parts Depot, brings you

“The Driving Experience” at Smokies Stadium!

BFGoodrich Driving School (Tuesday AM/PM Sessions)

From beginner to expert, the instructors at Gateway Mustang will provided a mix of classroom and on-course instruction across a 4-hour session to help you become a better, more competent driver to maximize the potential of what you and your machine can do. The classroom portion covers terminology, the race line and hitting the apex along with various methods of going fast while maintaining control. The course will be broken down into segments and is a mix of in-car/out-of-car instruction that allows you to eventually put it altogether for the quickest lap possible. Don’t think these maneuvers only benefit closed course action, because achieving improved car control and understanding limits provide benefits on the street as well.  $50 per session

Autocross (Wednesday)

Autocross at PITS uses the same closed course the BFGoodrich Driving School used the day before where a single lap is timed from a standing start in the beginning to a controlled stop at the end with a slew of rights and lefts between hard accelerating and braking. Open to any year/make/model, the course is lined with marker cones to help safely navigate through; however, the action is fast and drivers can often “loose the course” so don’t think this is a Sunday drive. You will have a choice of 3-runs for $20 or Unlimited runs for $50. 

Gateway Mustang will have a small Army of prepared Mustangs and professional drivers offering complementary ride-alongs.

Top 3 quickest times receive trophies at Saturday’s award ceremony.

Shotgun Alley (Wednesday)

Time to grip, rip and stop in this timed Start/Stop Competition that begins with a standing start, then accelerating to approximately 60’ mark and then another 60’ of braking zone to a complete stop.  3 attempts to achieve your best time.  $20 for 3 Runs

Top 3 quickest times receive trophies at Saturday’s award ceremony. 

Those participating in either the BFGoodrich Driving School or the Autocross will receive a free Shotgun Alley Ticket! 

Get your tickets now at the link below!


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