So PITS20 Has Been Rescheduled…Now What?

So PITS20 has been rescheduled…now what?

With the COVID-19 situation deteriorating rapidly, the PITS Crew wanted to get the postponement announcement out right away on Monday so everyone could take their own necessary actions on whatever was most important to them, ASAP.

Now the secondary details can be discussed, so here are our thoughts as we try to address everyone’s next level concerns.

PITS20 Dates: July 29th – August 1st, 2020
PITS21 Dates: March 24th – March 27th, 2021

Those that have not spoken with your hotel/cabin rental companies need to follow up again asap. The world has changed drastically since last week and so have company policies as they try to remain fluid to the changing global situation. Rescheduling your stay is a considerably better option for them versus an outright cancellation and refund, whether that’s for the July rescheduled PITS20 dates or even for PITS21.

Vacation Time
We know that not everyone will have the ability to take more time off, however your employer may be more flexible than you think. The entire world’s vacation plans for the next couple of months have been canceled and a lot of companies are requesting their employees work from home(where applicable), so there may be chance to put next week’s vacation time back.

Everything that was a pre-paid registration for PITS20 March will be honored at PITS20 July…and we mean everything. Car Show, Special Display(The 57, SSP Reunion, Modern Muscle and Motorsports), Shine Run, Vendor Booth’s, Trailer Parking, Car Coral and Swap Meet will be honored. Additionally, for those that cannot make PITS20 we will also apply all those same pre-registrations to our PITS21 dates(March 24-27, 2021).

We will be sending individual emails out with further instructions to our special display folks as necessary.

Pre-paid T-Shirts
These still plan to be handed out at the July show dates, but if you cannot attend we can mail them out to you. If you pre-paid for the T-Shirt and cannot make the PITS20 July dates please email poniesinthesmokies@yahoo.com with subject line: PITS20 Pre-Paid Shirt Order.

Online Store
We usually debut our updated and new merchandise at the current year’s show in March, but since we can’t do that in person we will do it virtually. Look for items to load online with announcements when they do.

Stay tuned for more topics to discuss as we see them arise.
-The PITS Crew

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