#PITS Drag Day 2020 Info

New to the official schedule for Ponies In The Smokies 2020 is Drag Day! We got our feet wet last year with drag racing up in Newport, Tennessee at English Mountain Raceway. With the trial run being a success, even in not so perfect weather, we decided to make it an official event in 2020!

We will depart Smokies Stadium at 10:30 am to cruise to English Mountain Raceway. This is a self guided cruise, so leave at your own convenience, with all of the ponies cruising up the highway for Newport, Tennessee, you are sure to be in a pack of car most of the way! We have provided two suggested cruise routes below. One is all interstate and two takes you on a bit more of a scenic ride. Either way, they both end in some killer 1/8 mile action at English Mountain Raceway.

It’s just $20 dollars to run, $8 dollars to spectate, kids 10 and under are free! This is a cool part of the #PITS Driving Experience at Ponies In The Smokies presented by National Parts Depot that you do not want to miss!

Pick a route below! Or choice your own! The end location is English Mountain Dragway, 11am to 4pm, Thursday, March 26th 2020, 1322 Lewis Road, Newport, TN 37821.

Route 1- The Interstate

Route 2- The Lake Douglas Route

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