We are now taking entries for “The 57”

All right folks the time has finally come to submit your entries for The 57.

For those not familiar, this will be our fourth year of this inside display that features one mustang of every year from 1964 1/2 all the way to 2020.

A few things to consider before submitting:

Being picked is considered winning. You will receive a commemorative plaque recognizing your car’s participation. Beyond that, there is a limited amount of awards for the inside displays. One winner for each generation as well as an overall inside best of show. Your car will also be eligible for various vendor awards as well as the pits staff picks.

Cars must be inside the convention center by 11pm on Thursday night and may not leave until Saturday after awards. Cars must have batteries unhooked and less than 1/4 tank of gas.

We try to pick more stock appearing cars, but in some years, we have to take what we can get. We also try to mix in a few modified cars just to spice the display up a little bit. That being said, yes, based on the way we judge the 57, a stock car probably has a better chance of winning than a modified car. But as I said above, just being inside makes you an award winner. The bottom line is we pick the car that best represents that generation. If its 1st gen, its 98% of the time gonna be stock. If your in 5th gen a modified car has more of a chance.

So if you think your ready, send inside, outside and under the hood photos to poniesinthesmokies@yahoo.com along with a brief description of your car.

Once we start selecting entries, we will announce them on our social media and try and keep the list updated on our website. We try and reply to all the entries even if its a no, but sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming and we dont reply to all of them.

Lastly, the only way to submit your car is via the email above, no other entries will be accepted.

Thanks for your continued support!!!
Jeff Southard- PITS Staff

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