Volunteers For 2018

We are now accepting volunteers for the 2018 edition of Ponies In The Smokies. We need volunteers for both parking and judging.
All volunteers will recieve a one of a kind Ponies In The Smokies presented by National Parts Depot volunteer shirt as well as a free event shirt of their choosing. You will also recieve a free lunch on the day(s) you volunteer catered in a private break room by the event center! We appreciate all our volunteers and could not pull the show off without you!

Please email ONLY requests to be a volunteer, others amy be missed!

Send all entries to poniesinthesmokies@yahoo.com

Please send the following info:

Shirt size:
Event shirt color: Black-Charcaol-Neon Green or Stone Blue
Parking or Judging
If parking, Friday – Saturday or both

Parking volunteers will need to be at the events center for a parking meeting early each morning, time to be announced but probably 7 am or so. They will oark cars from 7-11. We will also need a few of you to ah g around in shifts in the front lot especially in Saturday directing cars to the cruise in.

1-Bill Flucker F&S
2-Bobbie Flucker F&S
3-Chelsea Flucker F&S
4-Shelbie Flucker F&S
5-Ashley Flucker F&S
6-Angela Stallings F
7-Leon Stallings F
8-Johnny Detamore F&S
9- Stephen Young F&S
10- Jason Rutledge F&S
11- Miranda Rutledge S
12- Mike Stallings F
13- Stephen Young F&S

Judges- Judges will be needed Friday only. Judging will start at roughly 9 am. Please have some jusging experience or automotive knowledge. Please explain your back ground and any experience in the email to be selected.

1-Kristen Koepke
2-Carolyn Mashburn
3-Richie Mashburn
4-Peter Koepke
5-Alex Hicks
6-Jim Castillo
7-Amanda Deason
8-Jacob Deason
9-John Garner
10-Dave Williams
11-James Dockery
13-Micheal Loggins

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