#PITS Spotlight: Wesley Sweezy’s 1980 Coupe

This month’s #PITS spotlight highlights one of “The 54” cars from the 2017 version of Ponies In The Smokies. Wesley Sweezy’s 1980 coupe was a last minute edition to The 54 to fill one of our empty holes. Even though at the time Wesley’s car wasn’t “finished”, he graciously offered it up to help us out. The car started out as an incline 6 cylinder. Wesley has since converted the drive train to fuel injection out of a 1989 GT.

Here are a few shots of it as it sat at PITS.

The car just finished up in the paint shop and is undergoing final touches now, look for another spotlight on it when its done! But for now, here is a sneak peak!

How’s your project car going? Be sure to share some photos on our #PITS Social Media pages!


Hi my name is Wesley Sweezy and I live in Dacusville S.C. my car was a 1980 inline 6cyl auto when I bought it. Now it has fuel injection from a 1989 mustang gt that I bought wrecked. The car has come a long way since then now is 302 aluminum heads built rear end, and maximum motorsports control arms

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