The Sevierville Convention Center

By now, you’ve heard “SCC” or Sevierville Convention Center or maybe just Convention Center until you are probably sick of it! So what is it? Well, for starters its the main host location of our event. It will provide the 108,000 square feet that will house not only some of the top Mustang vendors in the country, but somewhere around 100 of the nicest Ford Mustang’s in the country. Beyond that, it will serve as registration on Wednesday and Thursday. On both these days you will also get your first chance to stock up on your Official PITS Merchandise. It also serves as your first chance to stamp your Shine Run card.


But beyond all that, the convention center is really a neat spectacle. A work of art you might say. From the beautiful water fountains out front to the carefully planned out architecture inside, this is no doubt one of the nicest convention centers in the country. The staff are very nice and helpful and are there to help make your Ponies In The Smokies experience as enjoyable as possible. We are very proud to have them sponsor our event and with plenty of room on site to grow, we plan on growing our relationship for years at a time.



What? You haven’t registered for the Shine Run yet? Aren’t planning on coming into town early to do it?? It’s not too late to change your plans! Call in sick! You are not going to want to miss this! Not only does it take you to some of the coolest stops in the area, the winning hands gets a sweet trophy, not to mention his or her chance at the top giveaway prizes! We will also be awarding a couple dozen or so of the top hands with prizes as well! So get over to REGISTRATION and sign up today!

For all the info on the Shine Run, CLICK HERE!

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