Car Show Awards

We are proud to announce our list of awards for the 2017 car show! We feel we have all the bases covered to give everyone in every class a fair shake at an award. As with anything, its trial and error and we will review these again for 2018 and are always open to suggestion.

The awards themselves will be very unique, don’t expect to go home with a plaque or plastic cup, these trophies are going to give you something unique and cool to display on your mantle for years to come! We are going to send the winners home with a real cool taste of the mountains! Stay tuned for that announcement as we are putting the finishing touches on the awards now!

Outside Car Show

Best Of Show

Editor’s Choice Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords

Anything Coyote Mustang Related’s “Best Coyote”

Best 64.5-66

Best 67-68

Best 69-70

Best 71-73

Best 74-78

Best 79-86

Best 87-93

Best 94-98

Best 99-04

Best 05-09

Best 10-14

Best 15-17

Best Special Interest Fox (SSP, SVO, 7up Etc)

Best Shelby

Best Roush

Best Saleen

Best SVT Cobra

Best Lightning

Best SVT

Best Boss

Best Mach 1

Best Bulitt

Best California Special

Top 75

“The 54” Indoor Show

Best Of Show

Best 1st Gen 64.5-73

Best 2nd Gen 74-78

Best 3rd Gen 79-93

Best 4th Gen 94-04

Best 5th Gen 05-14

Best 6th Gen 16+

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