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Just wanted to give a quick update and clarify some information on our upcoming event and the registration packets. We seem to be getting a lot of questions and emails about it so hopefully this will clarify it and cut down on confusion.

If you registered for the 2020 show, you are good to go! You will receive your new 2021 packet in the mail sometime over the next few weeks. If you just registered for the 2021 show, your packets are coming as well.

We have made all the registration changes and address changes that were emailed in. Confirmations were not sent, but you are taken care of if you emailed us the changes. If you do have an address change, please email us asap at poniesinthesmokies@yahoo.com . All registration changes from this point forward will have to be made at the event.

The packets will mail out over the next 14 days or so. We are awaiting the print shop to finish our participant stickers and then we will start mailing them. Please be patient, if you see someone else get their’s and you have not gotten your packet, do not panic. We are mailing out 1000+ packets so some of them will go out in stages.

The same applies for Shine Run participants. Shine Run only participants will be getting separate Shine Run packets while those participating in the car show as well will find their Shine Run cards in their car show packets.

Those who paid for trailer parking, your passes and instructions will be in the mail very soon as well. If it does not come with your car show packet, do not panic it is on the way!

For everyone in special displays, The 58, SSP, Modern Muscle, and the Motorsports Display, you will not receive a packet in the mail. Your packet will be waiting on you on Thursday at the convention center. Please make plans to be there between 9am and 11pm to load your car inside.

We are currently sold out of outside car show spots. There may or may not be a limited number of spots available the day of the show. The week of the show, we will open up a list with a special email address. Only emails sent to that address and at that time will put you on the waiting list. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

You can still come spectate! We had some confusion when we first announced the sell out about this. Spectator fee is 10 dollars which includes parking at the convention center. Kids 12 and under are free. You can still participate in the Shine Run and nightly events as well as the All Ford Cruise In on Saturday.

We also have a limited number of SSP spots available inside if anyone is interested. Please email us poniesinthesmokies@yahoo.com .

We would like to remind you that as always, car show spots are not transferable or refundable.

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