Shine Run

Click the link below for the 2021 Shine Run stop release!

2021 Shine Run Stops

1-Card: Registration @ Tennessee Smokies Stadium

1-Card: King’s Family Distillery

1-Card: Rocky Top Mountain Coaster

1-Card: Man Cave Metal

1-Card: Old Tennessee Distilling Co.

2-Cards: Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort

More info coming soon!

Shine Run 2021 sponsored by Clearshine

While there is a lot of focus on our huge outdoor car show and impressive indoor displays that annual include one Mustang of every year as well as several special displays, the real focus of Ponies In The Smokies is driving these cars. That starts off early on Wednesday with the annual Shine Run sponsored by Clearshine. Simply put, it is a modified poker run that takes participants all over the area on some of the best roads, including the legendary Tail Of The Dragon as well as many local hot spots. At each “Shine Run Stop”, participants will draw 1-2 cards depending on the distance and difficulty of the stop. A completed Shine Run card will require 5 cards. You may take your best five if more are drawn. Once the cards are turned in at the Shine Run Party at Junction 35 on Thursday night, you will receive a Shine Run 2021 decal. These decals are good for bonus points in Friday’s car show to reward those who get their cars out and drive them! Once the cards are turned in they will be ranked according to hand. Prizes will be awarded accordingly.  Some of the top prizes this year include a set of Axe Wheels, a vacation at Table Rock Resort, over a thousand dollars in parts from Steeda and tons of parts and pieces from our presenting sponsor, National Parts Depot. If you have not registered for the shine run, there is still time! Check out the link below to get signed up!

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