#PITS Girls

Meet the 2017 #PITS Girls!



My name is Amber and I married my soul mate Joshua Dockery, we have 3 boys and took in 2 nephews ages range from 2-7. We moved from Florida and just recently came to North Carolina to raise these 5 boys. I love the sun and outdoors. Modeling and taking pictures I have always had a passion for, starting as young as 13 and now I am a model for Ponies In The Smokies and couldn’t be more happy!! Can’t wait to meet everyone!



My name is Christina and I have two boys ages 2 & 6 and a 10 yr old step son. I met my husband, Joey Nowak, in 2009 and we married in 2013. I moved to Western North Carolina from South Florida in 2005 and enjoy raising our boys in God’s country. I graduated from Barbizon Modeling School in 2005 and have always dreamed of being a model. I am so excited to be a #PITS girl!❤ Can’t wait to see everyone there!


Kasey Brooke

Kasey is a 28 yr old, married, mother of 2, National Guard Recruiter. Her love for the automotive world began as a teen, brought up around various cars in the family, she started buying and building her own. Her past toys ranged from a twin turbo 350z to a Trailblazer SS. She and her husband currently have a 2011 400hp Subaru STi and 2016 300hp WRX. Before she was a Recruiter, she had enlisted in the National Guard as a full time diesel mechanic. Kasey was approached by Chromalusion Photography owner and photographer, Stephani Lofthouse in the Spring of 2016 and has been working as a part time model and promotional work for performance shops and websites. While serving her country, she still makes time for family, friends and modeling gigs along the East Coast!



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