PITS Staff

T5 Productions, AKA The PITS Staff: Kevin Brown(Williamston, SC), Travis Smith(Spartanburg, SC), Jeff Southard(Franklin, NC) and Troy Raby(Charlotte,  NC) have relationships rooted in the car culture spanning almost 10yrs and bring collective backgrounds in event planning, social networking, charitable work and business planning to name a few.  They have made vast connections throughout the Mustang community and remain ambassadors to the car hobby as a whole.  Ponies in the Smokies is an extension of their passion and desire to create another iconic annual event for Mustang and Ford fans to enjoy!

Kevin Brown

My name is Kevin Brown, growing up I was always around cars and when I got old enough to drive the Mustang was what I kept going toward. My dad had a 1965 Mustang when he was younger and that I think was what got me into Mustangs. I’ve had over 45 different mustangs ranging from a 1987 GT, 1995 Cobra, 2003 Cobra and several Foxbodies. The car scene is one of my biggest hobbies and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

PITS is my first big event promotion but I have been heavily involved in the building of a very popular Mustang Foxbody Club from it’s beginning. T5 Productions is a dedicated group of guys that have a passion in the car scene and the Mustang itself and will do what ever it takes to make PITS a great event for the whole family…
Get those Mustangs out and head for the Mountains!!!!!

Travis Smith

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My name is Travis and I’m a mustang addict.
Unlike these other guys, I didn’t necessarily grow up around hotrods. My dad was always into NASCAR and racing, but there was certainly no hotrods at my house. As I got into high school, my older brothers friend had a 1992 mustang LX 5.0. The street we lived on had stop lights about every 200 yards. I remember sitting in the back seat and feeling how fast the car would accelerate and then stomp on the brakes. Then we would do it all over again at the next light. My obsession with the mustang was born. I never had one of my own until about 12 years ago, but since that first one I’ve brought about 20 of them home. There is something about that v8 rumble that just makes my heart beat, and it has really turned into a big part of my day to day life. I’m still huge into the foxbody scene, but love and appreciate all things mustang. Not too long ago I found myself obsessing over the show aspect of the hobby and forgetting how much fun it was to just get in and drive these things. That is something we aim to change with the PITS event, and we hope you all come out and join us. These are some of the most beautiful scenes you will see anywhere in the country, and the roads are a dream to drive. These other guys on the PITS staff are some of my best friends, and we intend to wrap that bond of brotherhood and enthusiasm into Ponies in the Smokies and make it a must attend event for everyone!!!

Come on out and join us in the spring!!!!!!

Jeff Southard


My name is Jeff Southard and as long as I can remember cars have been my passion and hobby. Growing up my dad owned an auto parts store and always had a dozen or so collector cars and hot rods sitting around the house. At a pretty early age I can remember riding in a pair of ’69 428 Cobra Jet cars my dad owned, as well as hearing him tell stories about out running Corvette’s and Hemi’s in the 1969 Cobra Jet that he bought brand new on New Years Day, 1969. In 2003 I purchased my own brand new Mach 1 and I was hooked ever since! I believe at last count, I’ve had 23 of my own Mustangs.

PITS isn’t my first venture into event promotions, for the past nine (ten this Labor Day Weekend) years I’ve hosted the annual JDRF Charity Car Show in the small town of Clayton, Georgia. We started out with about 30 cars and have grown it to over 200. In fact, 2016 is our first year as a two day show. In just nine short years, we’ve raised over $30,000 for JDRF!
Hope to see everyone in the mountains next spring!

Troy Raby


Graduating High School in 1990 puts my adolescence in the heart of the 5.0 vs IROC movement.  This street scene planted the hot rod seeds that my father continued watering as we worked on the family vehicles together as well as my own muscle car that I drove through college.  I picked up my first Mustang in 1997, a ’92 LX convertible, that I still have today along with a mixed bag of Mustangs that have come, gone and few stayed.

I’ve become deeply involved in both Foxbody and Saleen Clubs and regularly promote local and regional events with charitable attributes for both.  T5 Productions and “Ponies in the Smokies” is my first promotional endeavor of this scale, but our team believes the location, venues and activities we’ve chosen will be a hit with Mustang and Ford enthusiasts!

Head for the hills and see for yourself!


#PITS Merchandise Director

Jeff Dockery

My name is Jeff Dockery and I also grew up around fast collector cars, driven by my dad & uncles. My first car I fell in love with was a 1982 Black T-top Mustang GT. There have been several cars come & go but nothing as sweet as a Mustang. I currently have a ’93 Foxbody, ’04 GT Convertible, & ’07 Shelby GT. 
This will be my first BIG event promo however I was one of the Founding Members of WCMC -Western Carolina Mustang Club (Wilkesboro, NC).  Also participating in local car shows as well as WCMC hosting Toys For Tots car show.  I have also been assisting my son-in-law (Jeff Southard) with his car shows (JDRF).
I look forward to sharing the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains with Mustang Enthusiasts from all over the USA with the #PITS venue in 2017. 

If you don’t feel like you know the PITS Staff enough by now, just watch this hilarious video below!