Meet The #PITS Crew


Kevin and Theresa Brownthumbnail

We live in the Upstate of South Carolina. I’m a car guy, I’ve had almost 100 cars in my 50 years of being on this earth and out of those most have been Mustangs. Foxbody Mustangs are definitely my passion and my 93 Cobra is a great example. One of the best decisions I’ve made was teaming up with three of my best friends and creating “ Ponies In The Smokies “ It’s crazy how much time we put in through out the year to make this show what it is, but when it’s fun it doesn’t seem like work.   My awesome wife Theresa has been there since day one and jumps into help where ever is needed. Her attention to detail is like no other. Now let’s get those rides ready because “All Roads Lead To PITS”.

 Troy and Donna Raby


Foxbody Mustangs were my introduction into Ford’s pony car world and I still have my ’92 LX Convertible that I picked up in 1997.  I cherish the friendships I’ve made over the years through the Mustang hobby which includes these three gentlemen that I teamed up with to create “Ponies In The Smokies”.  It’s a ton of work to put on an event of this magnitude and our significant others play a huge role in making PITS happen both during the event and throughout the year.  My lovely bride and I have professional backgrounds in software and finance, respectively, and our primary focus for PITS is Vendor Coordinating, however we jump in to help the team in several other capacities as well.  Donna’s beautiful smile and “get it done” attitude have been welcome additions since PITS19 and I love that she’s by my side through it all.  We both can’t wait to see YOUR smiling faces and shiny rides in the Smokies each Spring!

Travis and Mallory Smith
We live in Enoree, South Carolina along with our 2 children Cameron and Braylen.  We own a handful of mustangs across various years, and we have a deep passion for drag racing. We are out at a track somewhere just about every weekend (well, when the car isnt broken!) We also love to spend as much time as possible up in the Smoky Mountains discovering new roads and enjoying the incredible scenery. We hope to channel that love of mustangs and motorsports into PITS, and to continue providing you with a amazing show year after year.
Jeff and Paige Southard
We live in the mountains of North Carolina in a little town called Franklin with our son JD and a couple of dogs. There you can probably find us tinkering on one of our dozen or so hot rod’s or filming for our YouTube Channel. If we aren’t at home, check for us at the nearest major car show. Rod run twice a year in Pigeon Forge, Hot Rod Power Tour, Turkey Rod Run, or maybe just some local event, we are always on the go, enjoying and immersing ourselves in the hobby. As alot of you probably know, we are car crazy and that craziness spans across all makes, but for the sake of this bio we will talk about the Ford’s. Currently, five Mustangs and a Lightning F150 sit in the garage. An S197 GT, a Shelby, two Saleen’s and Paige’s S550 GT. Speaking of Paige, #PITS sure has gotten alot easier since she came into my life a few years ago. From merchandise to logistics to registration, she handles whatever I throw at her. I definitely could not pull off my share of the work load without her!
An old one but a good one, this video will always be one of our favorites. What seems so long ago now, way back in 2016 we filmed this video trying our best to film a video on the tail of the dragon to promote the inaugural Ponies In The Smokies.