Wed-Launch Party

Smokies Stadium will once again play host to what has really become more a full day that kicks things off, instead of a couple hour party in previous years. With merchandise and shine run goodie bag pick up opening at 8am and the Ponies In The Smokies Driving Experience finishing up at 7pm, we’ve got a schedule slammed full of fun. You’ll want to get there early to grab up your merchandise and grab your shine run stamp for the stadium. Then maybe head out mid day to the Tail Of The Dragon or Cherokee, North Carolina for one of our Shine Run stops. Or maybe you want to do the Shine Run on Thursday and take part in the BFGoodrich Driving School or the TN Drift Drifting Clinic. Either way you cant go wrong!

You will of course want to make your way back to the Smokies Stadium by 3pm or so when Hot Rods & Happy Hour starts pumping out the tunes and business really starts to pick up. From 4pm to 7pm TN Drift will be providing drifting exhibition runs as well as ride alongs. From 5pm to 7pm, the Shotgun Alley powered by Gateway Mustang gives you a chance to test both your Ponies starting and stopping power, all in a very short distance!