PITS Spotlight May ’17:

Hi everyone, wanting to introduce you to something new coming to “PONIESINTHESMOKIES.com”.  As the title says, PITS Spotlight, will focus on some of the participants from the inaugural Ponies in the Smokies. This will be a monthly feature starting in May, we will be sharing info/background about some of the drivers and their cars. Should be a fun little project to get up and going. Stay Tuned!!!

Jeff Dockery

PITS Spotlights May ’17

My name is Ashley Flucker.  I am 16 years old (a month away from 17) and live in Greenville SC. I became very interested in mustangs when my dad built me a 93 vert feature fox body as my first car. I loved it and it was very special to me to share the moments outside all summer long working on her with my dad. A Couple months went on and she needed some work done because she was still a work in progress. My parents started searching around greenville to find me a new mustang and came across a 04 competition orange Mach 1 and went to check it out. Of course my dad fell in love because it brought back memories of his 04 competition orange roush. So my mom worked it out and surprised me on October 6,2016 with the greatest car of all time!!!!!


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